Homeland Journey – Worldwide Repatriation

As the market leader for international repatriation and import cases, our strong relationship with high commissions and embassies helps bring the loved ones back to their families.


Our strengths in repatriation:

✓ Full repatriation services to any country in the world.

✓ Prepare, apply & provide all the required document for insurance company, department of labour, customs & immigration.

✓ Declaration of death & application of repatriation approval from embassies / consulates.

✓ Collection of deceased from the hospital.

✓ Decedent Care (Cleansing & Dressing).

✓ Embalming.

✓ Supply & seal of coffin which is conform with MOH (Department of Health) requirement.

✓ Embassy visit if necessary & transportation to the airport.

✓ Arrange charter & schedule flight bookings for the deceased to return to origin as soon as possible.

✓ Arrange for customs clearance & arrange handling of deceased at the airport until human remains is collected in

     the aircraft.

✓ Assist bereaved family member to book flight tickets & arrange hotel accommodation.

回家之旅–遗体运送 (世界各地)




✓ 申请并提供保险公司,劳动局,海关和移民厅部门所有必要的文件
✓ 申请大使馆/领事馆遣返的批准
✓ 遗体护理(化,洗,穿)
✓ 遗体防腐
✓ 供应符合卫生部(卫生署)要求的棺木
✓ 安排/预订航班以尽快返回死者原籍
✓ 确保人类遗骸/死者从机场遣送直到原籍
✓ 协助家属订购机票及酒店的安排