MFC Bereavement Care is located in Penang, Malaysia. It is a funeral service company. Whatever faith and culture, we make sure all arrangements harmonize and more importantly, they speak the language of love. To make the necessary decisions in your moment of sorrow is hard and tiring, let alone to make the right ones. We share your pain and seek to ease your burden. From planning the funeral to arranging for a high quality bereavement package where we let you say the things that sometimes only the heart understands.





When someone you love dies, you want to honour him or her with a fitting send-off as well as to celebrate the life that was lived. Few people know what the procedures to follow are when a death occurs, let alone be in a calm frame of mind to handle them, especially when the death is unexpected. This is where we can help. MFC Bereavement Care offers funeral services that are conducted according to Buddhist, Taoist, and Christian funeral rites and traditions. Our comprehensive services are carefully tailored to ensure that your loved one is given a dignified farewell in a tranquil environment that respects the departed and quietly comforts the bereaved. We can also tailor-make funeral services according to your specific instructions and preferences.